July 05, 2012


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Paul Mylemans

Thank you to Blackwood Hodge Memories for the posting of my memories photos. Re pic paul-3a Yours truly at the controls… I honestly don’t recall the circumstances and location of that event and that is certainly not an 82-30 of the time but it has the Terex labels affixed. And I also don’t recall that we had any of the other IBH branded dozers in our area. So it remains a mystery for now, and perhaps a memory loss due to the (too much) consumption of brown bottle contents.
It is a sad and ironic turn of event that the former GM Diesel facility in London, where much of our beloved Terex machines were manufactured in past years, was split into General Dynamics and Electro-Motive divisions and then sold. While General Dynamics is still very active in the manufacturing of armored military vehicles at the plant, Electro-Motive Division which manufactures locomotives was acquired by Caterpillar and in a controversial decision was closed by them February 2012. The takeover by Caterpillar of our ‘cherished’ Terex facility and then their abrupt closing refuels the old Terex/Cat rivalry.
In another sad note our friend and neighbour Cherry Flynn, spouse of Stirling who was a former BH Canada employee, passed away June 30 after a difficult illness. Another person we will miss dearly.

Paul Mylemans

Keith Ward

My name is Keith Ward. My father is Vern Ward and he was VP & GM of BH in the Toronto office through the 70's & into the 80's.
I am posting to let anybody who worked there that Alvin Hemstock passed away on August 13, 2012. Al was the parts runner for over 30 years and a great guy. some of you may remeember him. I worked him, also Parts Mgr Karl Crowe, Dave Rivers, Frank Hearns, Adrian Kleywegt, Ross Anderson, Art Doherty and many others.

Frank Hearns

have one of the BH golf books, Titian Shot glass couple of BH glasses (from John Mahon)also quite a few Terex models Titian Truck JCB back hole Komatsu models and few other items.

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