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March 28, 2009


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Fred Harston

I was very suprized to find a JBH website, Surfing through brought a lot of memories flooding back. You see I am an ex employee working in Barnsley depot for 22 years before taking early retirement, just before being bought out anf moving operations to Tockworth. Got my gold Omega as well. I see old Pip Johnson on a regular basis when he toddles along for his morning paper, we only live 5 minutes walk apart. He chauffeured at my daughters wedding using his old vintage Bentley banger (Good nick actually) Complete in uniform and a peaked cap. caught him doing a bit of dancing as well at the reception. Mind you thats a while ago now,about 25 years. Now me and him usually cross walking sticks when we meet at the post office collecting our weekly pittance. He tells me he still sees JC & DT But I havn't been in contact with them since I retired. (Nearly 18 years now.) Anybody got J.C's e-mail address I could drop him a line and maybe fill in some of your photo John Does. I have one or two photo's myself which may be of interest.
Nice to be in touch with some of my old mates again.
My name (WAIT FOR IT) Scroll down


Fred Harston

Fred Harston

Just a quick comment to confirm,
First photo lady on far left is JJ'S wife, Nesta,
Thanks for e-mail Keith will be in touch later, will answer it.
Fred Harston

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