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September 02, 2008


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Gerry Loranger

Hello. I have the original painting of 25 Berkeley depicted in your brochure image above. I found it in an estate sale. If you would like clear photos of the piece, I can send them to you at no change. If you might know of anyone interested in buying the painting, we will be putting it up for auction soon.

Best regards,

Gerry and Penny Loranger
Cambridge, On, Canada

Keith  Brealey

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Very interesting message Mr Loranger.

Is the painting an oil or watercolour..I
never saw it at the time, so have no real knowledge of it. There were several
copies painted for different countries/regions of Blackwood Hodge I do know, so
it would be almost impossible to find out where your`s origin was

I am assuming it is quite large also, do
you have the overall dimensions please.

Lastly, although it would be awkward to have
it shipped, how much would you want for it, say delivered to an address in Toronto please, which I
think is about 50 miles from you.

Best regards, The Editors.


site: http://blackwood-hodge.typepad.com

e-mail: memories@blackwoodhodgeblog.co.uk


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