June 20, 2015


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Robin Brimacombe

Alan Harrison is on the machine on the left

John Mangan

Did you forget Milton Keynes, Mick Doohan was the plant boss? 1973? lived in a Wimpey owned trailer towed by a Cat D8
I remember working on the many Terex srapers as a site sparkie and the death of a bloke walking between a rear button and front of a scraper when a bloke reversed at a fuel and meal stop trying to meet the target bonus

colin  conway

John I was on that job in Milton Keynes iwas the last guy to speak to him my boss and walked between the 2 his name was joe quinn the guy in front was mic clarke was paul cranwell but peter mills was overall in charge I collected his timesheet he walked out to his ts 24 and that's was it I was first on the scene I had a motorbike and I went off to tell mick doonan he said what the f... do you want I was 19 been in aus after Newmarket by pass it is all in abook by ultan cowley stories from the sites macalpines men colin conway

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