November 25, 2013


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David Broomfield

Just seen the photo of Ted-MAJOR- as I always liked to think of him Line, on his last day. I wish I had been there a Sheperds pie and a pint or 6 I know I missed in "THE GUINEA" eh Tony ?? Where was Mr Samek? He(Major Line) was the ultimate salesman cool,smooth,sophisticated and had a ready answer to any difficult question.What ever happended to Jenny Prat ?

Carol Estasy

Ladies are from left to right: Mr Samek's new secretary (can't remember her name), Mr Ginsburg's secretary Belinda, don't know the next one but then there is me, Carol Estasy (Mr Blackwood's secretary), then Jenny then Mr Shapland's housekeeper and at the front is Bridie Setra.


Sorry I meant to write Mr Blackford's secretary not Mr Blackwood.



My name is Chris Patterson, Robin Tilden-Davis's stepson. We last meet in 1982 and I'd love to know more of what became of him.

I understand he passed away in 2006.



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