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March 26, 2012


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Patrick Buckley

My father was Managing Director of BH in Isando South Africa in the late 1950's.....I remember Stan Draper and Bernard Sunley visiting my parents house when I was about 7 years old.

I clearly remember many visits to the dealership and some of the equipment....including Gradalls, Euclid TC 12 and 24 (?), then the Clark Michigan rubber tired dozers.

Brian J Deller

As the Technical Manager Export for the earthmoving machinery company, JCB. I visited South Africa with another JCB manager, Graham Ward, to give a week's course to the service and parts managers on managemnt and leadership morals. JCB had serious problems with this dealer regarding profit losses because the management staff lacked the ability to tell cusomers when they damaged machines through very bad operation, and instead of charging the customer for the repairs, would submit warranty claims to JCB these being of course rejected as false, and the company Blackwood Hodge had to pay the bills instead. At the end of the week's course, I was offered the position of Service Manager for Natal. The terms were favourable and I was ready to move on after five years at JCB, so I accepted. I discovered that the previous manager had died of a heart attack at age 31, and within the first month I could understand why. Within three years my Departmen was by far the mnost profitable, no mean feat as there had been R150 000 work in progess with unpaid, inflated invoices going back 18 months, and I succeeded not because I am special, but because I worked hard and stopped all the thieving. I earnt respect from the staff as well as all customers. I was promoted from Durban to JHB as General Service Manager JCB Division, a national position, but the so-called Technical Director, who was very ignorant of technical matters, took a dislike to me as he saw his position was under threat. There is a lot more but no room here. Retired now in Spain, my wife encourages me to write my life story what with my experiences in the RAF up to the age of 30 and i I guess it could also be used as a managenment tool, Brian J Deller.

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