September 20, 2010


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John Finch

Albert Finch certainly was quarry manager at both Judkins Quarry in Tuttle Hill and Boons Quarry in Hartshill, he passed away in May 1975. I distinctly remember the BH
equipment used in the quarry specifically the Euclid Trucks at the time. I was still at school in the late 50's and early 60's and used to spend my holidays travelling with the trucks from the quarry to the primary crusher. I also remember one of the drivers at the time, a German called Eric, Eric was married to the daughter of the farmer who ran the farm on Judkins property. Like my brothers, it was a family tradition to work for Judkins and I spent a couple of years working there, my grandfather Jack/John Proctor and an Uncle Ted Chandler also worked for Juddies at the same time. I also remember the guy's you have mentioned in this article. I would be interested to learn if we are related, specifically when you mentioned that you had an Albert Finch in your family.
Best regards John Finch Johannesburg South Africa.

keith brown

Hi Chris, I started at judies under the ARC
banner about 1974 as a driver, my first truck was a four wheel 10 ton ALBION. it went like s--t of a shovel, it was in judkins green, I was soon elivated to a 8 wheel FODEN, still in judkins green, it would only do 41
m.p.h. flat out I dont think anybody else
wanted it but I loved it. I do have a few
photo,s of the quary your welcomb to copy
keith brown nuneaton.

melvin beale

hi chris
the four R-25 drivers were
1= bob eccles
2= sid page
3= george elky elkerton
4= rob northall
and the R-45 was diven by mick james
RB- 71 was operated by bob chady chadwick
and the broyt x-4 was operated by ted the cockney savage
dennis prat operated the michigan 175B & loaded the crusher or loaded trucks in the quarry if & when needed
that was when i started in apr 1974 my name is melvin beale i was an apprentice plant fitter in the w/shop tommy taffy james was the gaffer & wally yates was the fitter who was teaching me.
sadly after a couple years tommy passed away & wally left but paul finch had started in the w/shop also his brother pete finch was a driver demonstrator for blackwood hodge happy days & memories
best regards melvin beale hamilton new zealand

T.J. marston

The Quarry Manager at Judkins during that period was T.J.Marston.


Does anyone remember the tipper drivers 1960s?

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