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August 15, 2009


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Habberfield Glenn

if anyone out there happens to be carrying out reseach relating to Blackwood Hodge do they have any information as to what may have transpired in the life of one John Richard James (ex Bedford Colleg and Coldstream gaurds)who was based at the Berkley Square HQ during 1959/1960 era and whom left for East Africa late 1960 with Blackwood Hodge most likely Northern Rhodesia
would be grateful for any info. and thank you.

David Jones

My father Eddie Jones was Bernard Sunley's chauffeur. Together with my mother and Tony Rodgers, who also worked at Blackwood Hodge, and his wife Pat, were on route to the Salon that fateful night but were involved in a serious car accident when the mini in which they were travelling was hit by a speeding motorcycle so they never got there. Fortunately no one in the car was seriously injured but the news next day that Mr Sunley had died was a great upset to everyone.

I also well remember the dances at Ashton club and the kids christmas parties at Northampton town hall.

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