July 03, 2008


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It was with real pleasure & nostalgy that I came across the site by accident.Istarted work for B.H.at the opening of the Haydock Depot as storeman under the watchfull eye of Ron Broughton,every time he came into the stores he would make sure all the bins were dusted not just round the spares but moving them all to make sure the job was well done.After a time I became Parts supervisor,after Ron with Terry Kendricks.I subsiquently left B.H.for other horizons,only to be telephoned by Eric Samson to open the new CDS&S stores at Worsley which I accepted.After several years I moved to Norfolk,after to France wher I lived for 25 years & am now living in the Cadiz region of Spain enjoying a quiet retirement if anyone remembers JEFF CROOK I would be pleased to chat over old times (

j c redmond

I worked briefly at northampton (1978) before going to college. my first couple of weeks were spent in the parts warehouse, before moving into parts sales.
I can clearly remember the three guys photo'd in the warehouse - eric, 'lonz' and albert.
from the offices I remember jim jackson, 'roger', roy virgin, roy green, 'louise', 'jayne', steve black, 'russell' and a guy with a taste for colourful suits who was promoted to assist mr. archbold whilst I was with the company.
my time there was short (4 months?) but I hold onto some good memories of the people I met.

this is a well-ordered and informative site. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and I'm pleased I did!

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